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As of 2021

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More than 100 Cities

Property Development  

ontracted sales: RMB290 . 09 billion
More than 1000 property development projects
Property Development area of more than 130 million sq.m.
Group's total land bank: 77 million square meters.

Property Investment  

61 shopping malls opened
Built cooperation with over 5,000 brands
More than 680 million passenger flow in 2021

Rental Housing  

Launched about 100 thousand home units
Opened nearly 300 stores
Serve nearly 250000 tenants

Space Service    

More than 2000 service projects
More than 3600000 household owners
Contracted service area:  460 million sq.m.
Customer Satisfaction:  90%+

Housing Agency Service    

More than 1370000 customers
Customer satisfaction: 96%+

Housing Decoration    

10 space decoration fields
More than 300 projects undertaken
Longfor Group Holdings Limited

Founded in 1993

in chongqing    

Longfor Group, founded in Chongqing in 1993, has expanded its footprint nationwide. The six core business arms of Longfor cover real estate development, property investment, rental housing, space service, housing agency service, and housing decoration, and Longfor has proactively stepped into innovative fields such as health and elderly care services and city-industry integration.

Longfor Group Holdings Limited (stock code: 960) was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2009. Currently, the Group has over 40,000 employees and has expanded its footprint to over 100 cities in China. The Group has been awarded the “Best 10 of Comprehensive Strength of China Real Estate Developers” for 9 consecutive years and has ranked in the list of “The World's 2,000 Largest Public Companies” by Forbes for 12 consecutive years. In 2021, the Group was selected into the Fortune Global 500, and won the “China Charity Awards”, the highest-level government award in the field of public welfare and charity in China.

As a pioneer of TOD development, Longfor has implemented about 80 TOD (Transit-Oriented Development) projects, with a total business development area of over 10 million square meters under the focus of TOD. Through the transit-oriented combination of complex space and various business formats in different urban locations, it has formed a modern service industry for urban ecosystem. Since 1998, Longfor has developed over 1,000 projects in real estate with the total development area exceeding 130 million square meters. In 2021, the Group’s contracted sales reached RMB 290.09 billion.

Longfor regards “Paradise Walk” as its major brand to make its presence in its core market nationwide. Till the end of 2021, the Group has 61 shopping malls nationwide with the traffic of over 680 million visitors a year, and has built cooperation with over 5,000 brands.

“Goyoo” has spread over in more than 30 high-tier cities with 100,000 apartment units, ranking the top of the industry in scale. “Goyoo” is ranked first among centralized long-rental apartment brands.

Longfor Intelligent Living is a leading intelligent life and space service brand in China providing property management and business operation services. It provides standardized property services in 13 business fields in more than 100 cities and its customer satisfaction rate has exceeded 90% for 13 consecutive years. As of December 28, 2021, Longfor Intelligent Living has contracted and built strategic cooperation on property management services in areas of around 460 million square meters, managing areas of about 260 million square meters. With the core competence of asset-light strategy, it provides business operation services for 61 shopping centers, serving more than 13,000 tenants.

Gannet Brokerage provides real estate brokerage one-stop service. Till the end of 2021, Gannets Brokerage has provided services to more than 1,370,000 customers with the satisfaction rate exceeding 96%.

Gannet Decoration provides assembled integrated solutions of immediate occupation upon decoration, covering more than 10 types of space formats and undertaking more than 300 projects.

As a constituent stock of the Hang Seng China ESG Indexes, Longfor Group has made great achievements in environmental protection, social responsibility and corporate governance. Longfor, as an outstanding corporate citizen, has voluntarily undertaken its social responsibilities. It has established the Longfor Foundation, the Volunteer Organization and the Longfor Welfare Day. As of today, Longfor Group and its founders have donated more than 1.7 billion yuan to the society.

Longfor has promoted the employer value proposition of “Intelligent Longfor, Infinite Future”. Longfor's multi-level talent recruitment and development system has cultivated numerous vocational managers with entrepreneurship spirit for the industry.

In the future, Longfor will adhere to its strategy of “SaaS, Space as a Service” and deeply participate in the reconstruction of urban space and services from the perspective of customers. It will also be driven by technology to constantly upgrade space creation and services. Meanwhile, Longfor will create space with vitality, provide customers with warm services, and constantly practice its business philosophy of “For You Forever”, providing more diversified services and development space for consumers and partners, and becoming a customer-centered space construction service enterprise.